Mayor Pro Tem Crystal Ruiz


Ms. Ruiz's commitment to the citizens of the City and residents of Riverside County has been a passion of hers for many years.   She has been involved in the San Jacinto City Council in various capacities since December 2012, campaigning and being re-elected on issues such as balancing the City budget, encouraging professional filming, concerts at the mansion, the 4th of July parade and festival, increasing job opportunities, and new home building.  Additionally, Ms. Ruiz was a candidate for the 23rd State Senate District in December 2013. 

More recently, Ms. Ruiz became a Board Member of the Western Riverside County Regional Conservation Authority, an organization created to protect and preserve native plants, birds, and animals and their habitats.  She holds board positions with area organizations such as the Western Riverside Council of Governments. She is currently the chair of the organization and serves on committees such as Planning Commission Application Review/Appointment Recommendation Public Safety and Cannabis Oversight Program Committee (CPOT).  Also, she is a member of the Southern California Association of Governments, representing the city of San Jacinto as well as the citizens of Riverside County. For the past few years, she has also represented Riverside County on the San Diego Association of Governments Borders Committee. She is currently the Chair of the Inland Regional Energy Network (IREN) which covers both Riverside County and San Bernardino County. The IREN is one of the four California regional energy networks that operate under the PUC, covering over 4.5 million residents.

Most notably, in May 2018, Ms. Ruiz went to Washington, DC, to meet with the U.S. President representing the citizens of San Jacinto to discuss the heavily debated sanctuary State law.  

More recently, in March of 2022, Ms. Ruiz was honored by the county of Riverside “for her contributions and accomplishments as an empowering leader.” Ms. Ruiz was humbled by the recognition explaining that she is blessed to be able to represent the citizens of San Jacinto and Riverside counties. 

Photo of Ruiz Family