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Robert Johnson, City Manager

Robert Johnson
City Manager 

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The City of San Jacinto uses a Council-Manager form of local government. The City Council creates the policy for the city, while the City Manager, who is appointed by the City Council, acts as the executive director of the city.

The City Manager's Office includes Information Technology, Community Outreach, Communications, Economic Development, Special Projects and Special Events.

Duties and responsibilities of the City Manager:


  • Implements the policy direction of the City Council
  • Enacts policies and procedures to efficiently and effectively carry out the City Council’s directives
  • Keeps City Council apprised of issues and concerns regarding City operation(s)
  • Administers contract for services with Riverside County Sheriff's Department, as San Jacinto Police Department and CALFIRE, as San Jacinto Fire Department
  • Administration of Day to Day Operations of the City and its employees
  • Appoints the City department directors
  • Ensures that city services are performed to the highest standard in accordance with council goals and policies
  • Prepares, manages, and implements the annual budgets for the City and City's Capital Improvement Program (CIP) in support of City Council goals
  • Serves as an adviser to the City Council on policy matters impacting San Jacinto’s community and the city organization
  • Supports the information and policy-making needs of the council and implements council decisions
  • Acts as the City's Public Information Officer, unless the designee is appointed


Cynthia Espinosa, Assistant to the City Manager

Cynthia Espinosa
Assistant to the City Manager 

Tara Magner, Economic Development & Special Events

Tara Magner
Economic Development &
Special Projects Administrator


City Manager: 

Robert (Rob) Johnson is San Jacinto's City Manager.  He was appointed by the City Council in February 2017.  He was excited about the opportunity and challenge to bring much needed amenities to the community.  With his drive, experience and collaborative mindset, Johnson knew that this was the right fit and felt very at home from the first day on the job.

The exciting opportunity in San Jacinto came after serving over four years as the City Manager in Menifee (11/2012-12/2016).  After becoming the 5th City Manager in the first five years of the newly incorporated city, Rob understood that stability and positive culture is the backbone of a strong organization.  Johnson spent seven plus dedicated years in Menifee handling a wide variety of community programs and projects, while rising to the City's top position.  He administrated the City's community services take over from the County, introduced new parks and recreation programming including creating the City's first Birthday celebration and a select number of City run special events, directed public works median improvement projects in Sun City and on Newport Road, designed the City's first newsletter and all outreach materials for the preparation of an economic development department.  He is most proud of designing and installing the Veteran's Memorial at Wheatfield Park. As City Manager, Rob facilitated the City's first General Plan, the first Capital Improvement Program, lead the drive and financing to build the Newport Road Interchange, after building the "Missing Link" from Newport to Simpson on Menifee Road and insured increased road capacity by adding a travel lane in each direction on Newport Road from Menifee Road, across the freeway to Murrieta Road.  Finally, Johnson took the lead on the passage of the City's Sales Tax Ballot Measure in 2016 by meeting with residents at three town hall meetings and over 20 HOA meetings.  

Starting his municipal career in 2000 with the City of Oceanside's Economic Development Department, Rob soon promoted to running the City's CDBG Entitlement in the Housing and Neighborhood Services Department, where he successfully built three childcare facilities and increased affordable childcare in Oceanside by over 300%.

From Oceanside, it was on to the City of Murrieta, where Rob took an Analyst role with the City Manager’s Office from 2002 - 2005.  After a short stint with Waste Management of the Inland Empire as the company’s first Recycling Compliance Manager for 14 Riverside County cities, he returned to municipal government as the Principal Analyst for the Public Works Department with the City of Corona (2005 - 2007). After a two year stint as the Business Manager for the Corona Department of Water and Power, Johnson left Corona in 2009 for the newly incorporated City of Menifee. 

Rob has become known for his innovative style, which blends listening with connecting people and resources to solve issues and build community.  In his seventh year as a City Manager, he has received three "Helen Putnam" awards (two in Oceanside, and one in Menifee) from the League of California Cities.  Rob is the current President of the City Manager Group for the Riverside County Division of the League of California Cities.

Believing that "paying it forward" is a lifelong activity, Rob continues to speak to numerous groups each year on the importance of leadership, change management strategies, emotional intelligence, and casting a vision while doing and leading the work of the team.

Rob holds a Master's Certificate in Organizational Leadership from Villanova University, a single-subject teaching degree (non-credentialed) from National University, and a Bachelor’s degree in History from Cal State University San Marcos.

Professional Memberships, Affiliations and Recognition:
President, City Manager's Group, Riverside County Division, League of CA Cities
Western Riverside Council of Government's Technical Advisory Committee
Housing, Economic and Community State Policy Committee, League of CA Cities
Helen Putnam Award - Ruth Vreeland Award - City of Menifee
IEEP Award - Best New Website - City of Menifee
Helen Putnam Award - Housing and Neighborhood Services - City of Oceanside
Helen Putnam Award - Economic Development Excellence - City of Oceanside

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