We strive to efficiently develop, construct, and maintain the City's infrastructure in a safe and environmentally sensitive manner for the benefit of the residential and business communities.  We will maintain an innovative atmosphere and continue to adapt to the changing needs of our City, .

The Engineering Division consists of Administration, Inspection, Traffic, Capital Improvement Projects (CIP), Development, and Environmental Services.  Tri Lake Consultants, a division of Interwest Consulting Group, is the City’s primary contractor for Municipal Engineering.


Engineering Administration provides management of operations and services. It also administers funding and fee programs and ensures compliance with the subdivision process and public works construction.

Inspection provides assurance that grading, streets, drainage, and City facilities are completed per approved plans and specifications.

Traffic provides service to the public regarding traffic, parking and all other aspects of transportation in the City and addresses regional traffic issues.

Capital Improvement Projects provides engineering and design, administration and construction of the projects, including infrastructure, CIP and replacement projects.

Land Development reviews development projects, including coordination with the Planning Division, plan checks, final maps, drainage improvements, and all grading/improvement plans (streets, storm drains, street lights etc.) for new development, and issues permits for grading and public works improvements.

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