General Plan

A general plan is a set of long-term goals and policies that decision makers will use to guide growth and development in the City of San Jacinto for the next several decades. City councils, planning commissions, and staff use the goals and policies of the general plan as a basis on which to make their land use decisions. General plans address a variety of issues, including:

  • Land use
  • Housing
  • Economic development
  • Community design
  • Transportation
  • Open space
  • Parks and recreation
  • Infrastructure
  • Natural resources
  • Safety
  • Noise

City of San Jacinto General Plan

Title Sheet and Table of Contents


Land Use Element (updated 10/12)
- LU-1 Land Use Policy Map (updated 03/18)
- LU-2 Floor Area Ratio
- LU-3 Existing Neighborhood Map

Community Services and Facilities Element
- CSF-1 School Districts
- CSF-2 Water Districts
- CSF-3 Parks and Public Facilities
- CSF-4 Trails Opportunities

Circulation Element
- C1 Roadway Cross Sections
- C2 Roadway System
- C3 Country Bikeway Plan
- C4 Bikeway Plan
- C5 Standard Bikeway Cross Sections

Noise Element
- N1- Future Noise Contours

Public Safety Element

- PS-1 Geologic and Seismic Hazards
- PS-2 Flood Zones

Resource Management Element
- RM1 Open Space Resources
- RM-2 MSHCP Planning Area
- RM-3 Vegetation Communities
- RM-4 Cultural Resources
- RM-5 Agricultural Resources
- RM-6 Important Farmland

Arts and Culture Element
- AC-1 Map

Housing Element (updated 09/13)

Appendix A Housing Element Technical Report
(updated 09/13)
- Appendix A (updated 09/13)
- Appendix B (updated 09/13)
- Appendix C (updated 09/13)

Appendix B: General Plan Glossary

 The City has several master plans to guide the community as it grows.
Proposed Parks Master Plan
Proposed Trails Master Plan