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The City of San Jacinto created Ignite San Jacinto as a start to its Community Outreach programs including its Healthy Cities initiative. Community Outreach programs include a wide variety of collaborative programming. 

The Healthy City initiative supports the implementation of healthy eating and physical activity at home and in parks and recreation sites across the City. Ignite San Jacinto is a resource to help you make healthy choices every day and to help contribute to the healthiest possible quality of life. You can take part in the Ignite San Jacinto vision by participating in upcoming programs, sharing your positive choices with us to post for others, and Igniting that healthy spark. 

To help you achieve your goals for living a healthier lifestyle, we've gathered some favorite health, safety, and wellness tips and tools from our community partners. Whether looking to make changes in your own routine, eating patterns, and exercise regimen or want to lend your voice to create change for the greater good, learn more by exploring the resources below, and by connecting with us. 



A healthy community is a place where citizens have opportunities to improve and sustain their wellbeing and quality of life. The Ignite San Jacinto Healthy Community Initiative is comprised of 3 basic components:  

Ignite San Jacinto's three B's: 

Be Healthy.

Be Healthy encourages active living and healthy eating. Using the City parks to create opportunities for physical opportunities, and creating resources to encourage increased mobility.  

Be Well. 

Be well focuses on the encouragement of overall wellness at home, and at work. Ignite San Jacinto will bring the community together to promote social, emotional, and mental wellness. 

We are a HEAL City! To read our resolution, click here. 

Be San Jacinto.

Be San Jacinto is more than living your best life, it is about the overall living environment and quality of lifestyle. This component includes community programming and outreach like that which addresses homelessness, creating a safer community, bringing amenities that contribute to being healthy and well. Learn more by clicking the button below. 

     Click Here for Homelessness Outreach Resources 

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