Homelessness Outreach Resources

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The City’s efforts include:

The City is currently performing a community needs assessment, in order to appropriately serve the homeless and at-risk community. Our goal is to serve those that have been affected by homelessness and those that are at-risk. Check back for updates! 

Areas of Focus: 

Partnering with law enforcement, faith-based organizations, and community partners that help bring and connect the community to resources, proactive outreach, and community education initiatives.

Use of Problem-Oriented Policing (POP) which responds to on an individual basis to prevent and respond to illegal activity.

Education. The City strives to educate the community about appropriate avenues for helping those affected by homelessness.This includes providing collateral to assist in community education. Ensuring that our business community and residents understand of specific factors that impact the homeless community which may include:
- Mental illness
- Addiction
- Disability
- Unwillingness to accept help
- Lack of access to family or other social support
- Involvement in prior illegal activity

Participating in the Annual Point In Time count which helps provide a snapshot of data to support a data-driven approach to programming. policies and outreach initiatives. 


Please check back often, as we are still finalizing all the information for this page. 


This letter is intended to provide the City of San Jacinto and its representatives, permission to enforce trespassing laws within and upon your private property. This authorization form is valid for twelve (12) months from the signature date.

Once your application is complete, you may email it to [email protected], fax your application to 951-776-1099, bring it to the Police Department directly, or mail it to the address below:

City of San Jacinto Sheriffs Department
Attn: Dispatch
160 W 6th St, San Jacinto, CA 92583

(951) 654-2702

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Links and Downloadable Resources: 

In need of rental assistance: 

Riverside County Point In Time Count

Project Room Key: 
Riverside County has placed trailers in San Jacinto that is providing care to Vets that are in need of case management services.

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Call us to report an issue call the harp hotline at 951-487-7330 x 756

click here to email us a homeless issue