Public Utilities

The mission statement of the Department of Public Utilities is to maintain the City’s physical infrastructure and provide the highest level of cost-effective maintenance for the City’s facilities, water, wastewater, storm drain systems, and right-of-ways, while protecting the public’s health and safety.

ConeThe Streets Division of Public Works maintains the public roadways throughout City limits with the exception of Highway 79 (San Jacinto Avenue), which is maintained by CalTrans. Maintenance work performed by the Streets Division includes small road repairs like pothole filling, crack sealing, and small paving jobs. The division also repairs curb and gutter and sidewalk areas, as well as, restriping City streets and replaces street legends and signs.

Street Sweeping (CR&R)

Storm Drain“Only Rain Down the Drain”
The Storm Drain System was built to collect and transport rain to prevent flooding along City streets and neighborhoods. When rainwater runs off of streets, parking lots, lawns and other surfaces, it enters gutters and storm drains, which lead directly to bodies of water, not treatment plants. The City’s Storm Drain department works diligently to ensure that storm drain systems are clear of debris to avoid pollution and flooding.

Water DropThe San Jacinto Water Department oversees the City’s Water Distribution System, which consists of approximately 125-miles of water mains, ranging in size from 4 to 18 inches in diameter.  The water system is served by 4 active wells that service approximately 4,200 connections throughout the central area of the City.


Sewer LidThe City’s Wastewater Collection System consists of approximately 178 miles of main sewer lines ranging in sizes from 6” to 18”. Access to the collection system is provided with 2,774 manhole access locations. All City sewage is transferred to Eastern Municipal Water District’s treatment plant.

Recycle EarthAssembly Bill 1826 - Commercial Organic Waste Recycling
This law requires that local cities and counties across the state implement an organic waste recycling program.  For more information on Organic Waste Recycling, please visit

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