Street Sweeping

The City of San Jacinto contracts street sweeping services through CR&R Incorporated. Citywide street sweeping services are performed twice each month.

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To improve the efficiency of the street sweeping program, the City has adopted a Street Sweeping enforcement program where parking along city streets is prohibited on street sweeping days. Residential areas are swept twice each month, and the frequency is posted on the signs with the day of the week and frequency during each month.

While the City makes efforts to educate residents regarding the street sweeping program, the ultimate responsibility of knowing the days that street sweeping occurs rests solely with the owner and operator of the vehicle. Citations are issued to the registered owner of the vehicle cited.

On street sweeping day, on-street parking is prohibited between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. The City's Parking Enforcement Officer follows the street sweeper, and will issue citations to any violators.

What You Can Do

Your help is needed to make this program successful. Please keep the streets clear on street sweeping day, by doing the following:

  • Park off the street: 
    Please park vehicles off the street prior to your scheduled day.

  • Remove trash cans & other obstructions from the street:
    Remove any trash containers, portable basketball hoops & RV access ramps from the street or gutter.

  • Keep your street trees trimmed:
    Trim any low obstructing tree branches (private trees only).

  • Don't blow or sweep leaves and other debris into the street:
    Avoid blowing, piling, raking or sweeping leaves or other debris in the street or gutter. Street sweepers are not designed to pick up large pieces, piles or wet debris.