Special Procedures for Upcoming Council Meeting

Special Procedures for Upcoming Council Meeting
Posted on 10/14/2021




This meeting is being conducted utilizing teleconferencing and electronic means consistent with State of California Executive Order N-29-20 dated March 17, 2020, regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The meeting may be joined telephonically by calling
(951) 465-7684, Conference ID: #213487640

To join the meeting via Microsoft Teams  Click here to join the meeting

  (We ask the public, and staff to please turn off your camera and mute your mic upon entry).  

Submission of Public Comments:  For those wishing to make public comments at the City Council meeting, please submit your comments by email to be read aloud at the meeting by the City Clerk.  Email comments to Julia Espinoza at [email protected]  Please place “PUBLIC COMMENT” in the email subject line.  Email comments on matters not on the agenda must be received prior to the time the Mayor calls the item for Public Comments.  Email comments on the agenda items must be received prior to the time the Mayor closes public comments on the agenda item.  All email comments shall be subject to the same rules as would otherwise govern speaker comments at the Council meeting.  Electronic comments on agenda items may only be submitted via email and comments via text and social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) will not be accepted.

Submission of Public Hearing Comments: Please put “COMMENT FOR PUBLIC HEARING” in the subject line.

Reading of Public Comments: The City Clerk shall read all email comments, provided that the reading shall not exceed three (3) minutes, or such other time as the Council may provide, consistent with the time limit for speakers at a Council meeting.  The email comments submitted shall become part of the record of the Council meeting

We do ask the public to stay muted until there is a call for public commentary on the specific items they want to speak on. 

Presentations related to the Council Meeting: 
You can download the full agenda by clicking here.

Updates from last meeting: 
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