City Council


 Crystal Ruiz Headshot 2021

 Phil Ayala Headshot 2021

 Brain Hawkins Headshot

 Michael Heath, Councilman

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Crystal Ruiz
Phil Ayala  
Mayor Pro Tem
Brian Hawkins 
Council Member
Milke Heath
Council Member
Alonso Ledezma 
Council Member

Other City Officials: Mike Van Der Linden, City Treasurer

The mission of the City Council:

To build upon and enjoy our special heritage. To create an attractive, well-planned, and balanced community that supports our citizens and businesses. To provide a safe and healthy community that offers education, employment, recreation, and cultural opportunities. To promote pride in San Jacinto. The City Council consists of five representatives chosen at large by the electorate.  Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem are then elected by the Council.  The Mayor and Council set policy, enact legislation, and adopt the budget under which the City operates.  The City Manager, appointed by the Council, is the Chief Administrator for the City. The City of San Jacinto is a general law city that operates under the laws of the State of California and applicable ordinances adopted by the City Council.  The City has a Council-Manager form of government.

Committee Appointments List 

Strategic Council Priorities


Campaign Disclosure Forms

Alonso Ledezma: Ledezma (700)
Crystal Ruiz: Ruiz (460)Ruiz 410Ruiz 460Ruiz (700)
Phil Ayala: Ayala (470)
Brian Hawkins: Hawkins 460Hawkins (460)Hawkins 410Hawkins (700)
Michael Heath: Heath (700)
Mike VanDerLinden: Van Der Linden (470)VanDerLinden (700)